A South African doctor explains the symptoms of the Omicron virus


The first South African doctor to warn authorities about Omicron patients with coronavirus said the symptoms of the new variant were “unusual but mild”.

The president of the South African Medical Association told The Telegraph of the Omicron virus that has alarmed the world.


He said he realized he was dealing with a new type of virus after Corona patients who came to his private clinic in the capital, Pretoria, showed different symptoms.

He stated that the symptoms of the concerned patients were very different and very mild from the symptoms of the patients he had previously treated.

The South African doctor has so far had 20 patients who have tested positive for symptoms of the new type, most of whom are young.

Noting that about half of the patients are not immunized, he confirmed that none of the infected people lost their sense of smell or taste.


The doctor stated that the disease has symptoms for 1-2 days of muscle pain, fatigue, and mild cough, and indicated that some of the injured are currently receiving treatment at home.

He pointed out that what is worrying is the condition of the elderly and unvaccinated, such people can face many forms of the disease if they are not vaccinated.