Turkey… “Atlin Ozu” exports olive oil all over the world


“Altin Ozu” in the state of Hatay, southern Turkey, continues to export olive oil to various countries of the world.

By the end of this year, it aims to export more than 12,500 tons of the aforementioned product.


“Altin Ozu” leads Hatay in olive oil production, with nearly 5 million olive trees.

Last year, Altin Ozu exported 7,500 tons of olive oil.

In his speech, Çağlar Kaya, director of agriculture and forestry at Altin Ozu, said that the district exports about 30% of its olive oil production.

He added that the United States, Canada, African countries, and the Middle East are the first countries to import olive oil from “Altin Ozu”.


He explained that they aim to export more than 12,500 tons of olive oil by the end of this year.