7 terrorists neutralized in southeastern Turkey


The Turkish forces managed to neutralize 7 terrorists during the ongoing “Arn Siege” operation in several provinces in the southeast of the country.


And, according to sources in the Ministry of the Interior, on Thursday, the gendarmerie, in cooperation with the security forces, continues its operations in the southeast of the country to eliminate the last strongholds of the “PKK” terrorist organization.

In this context, 7 terrorists were neutralized, 4 of them in Hakkari Province and 3 in Şırnak.

As part of the operation, 28 caves, 38 hideouts and two warehouses were destroyed.

The operation also witnessed the seizure of large quantities of weapons, explosives, ammunition and launchers.

The Ministry of Interior launched a series of “ARN” operations against the terrorist “PKK”, on January 10, after the end of the “Thunderbolt” operations.


It is noteworthy that the name “Arn” was given to these operations in relation to the Turkish young man, “Arn Bulbul”, who was martyred at the hands of PKK terrorists on August 11, 2017.