160 million people in Europe got their first dose of the vaccine


Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Union Commission, said that 160 million people have received the first dose of the vaccine in the European Union countries so far against the Coronavirus.

In response to journalists’ questions at the end of the Social Summit, which was held in Porto, Portugal.

Von der Leyen said that since the end of December, a total of 200 million doses of the vaccine have been delivered to the European Union.

And defending that the European Union is “on the right track” in using vaccination.

Von der Leyen said that by the end of the summer, the goal of vaccinating 70 percent of the population over the age of 18 in the European Union will be met.


“Sooner or later children will also get the COVID-19 vaccine”

The newspaper said: “The supply and distribution of vaccines is improving, and nearly 160 million people have been given the first dose of the vaccine.

This equates to more than 25 percent of the population of the European Union. This is good news, and we will continue to do so. “

Ursula von der Leyen reported that it has signed a new contract with Pfizer / BioNTech to purchase 1 billion 800 million doses of vaccines.

In addition to 900 million of them are optional, covering the years 2022 and 2023.

The purchase was reported to have been made with children in mind, “sooner or later children will also receive the COVID-19 vaccine.”

The head of the European Union Commission said: “The way out of the epidemic is through vaccination, but we must continue to implement measures, protect ourselves, and be prepared for the future.”


“We must allow travel in and out of the European Union”

Noting that the tourism season is approaching, Von der Leyen said they should focus on digitization with regards to vaccination certificates.

And that some joint decisions could be taken at the end of this month, “We must allow travel within the European Union and to the European Union.”

Von der Leyen also noted that the vaccination certificate is bilingual with a QR code.

Which will allow free movement to resume in the European Union, and should go into effect in June.