Merkel: It seems we have broken the third wave in Germany


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the third wave of the Corona virus epidemic in her country has been broken.

As Merkel said after the informal summit of EU leaders, “It seems that we have broken the third wave in Germany, I hope that it will happen in all of Europe.”

In a sign of her optimism that a summer vacation in Europe is also possible for those who have not been vaccinated, Merkel said:

“I am very optimistic about the summer vacation when we see the low cases that are already in some European countries like Portugal.


“Removing a patent is not the solution”

Merkel stated that she is against the US administration’s proposal to revoke intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines.

She said, “I have made it clear once again that I do not think removing the patent is the solution to getting the vaccine to more people. I think we need the creativity and innovation power of companies.”

Merkel warned that if the intellectual property rights were revoked, there would be a risk that the quality of vaccines would decrease.

She indicated that the digital vaccine certificate called “green certificate” was discussed at the summit, and that there are still some important issues, which need clarification.

Such as mutual recognition of vaccines not approved in the European Union.