WHO: Delta virus measures also apply to Omicron


WHO officials have indicated that some countries that have decided to close borders against the Omicron virus may buy time, but that the measures put in place to deal with the delta virus in the fight against the epidemic must be preserved.


Takeshi Kasai, WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific, said in a statement in Manila, the Philippines.

“Border control can delay the entry of the virus and take time, every country and every community must prepare for a new surge in cases.”

“Our experience over the past few years, particularly in responding to delta, provides a guide to what we need to do and how to deal with future volatility more sustainably,” Dr. Olwoker said.

WHO officials drew attention to the importance of masks, social distancing and vaccinations.


There is no clear information about whether the new variant is more contagious, and whether it makes people more dangerous.

And whether it can prevent the vaccine, as some health authorities suspect.