Rights Watch calls on Lebanon to enable Syrians to have an education


On Friday, Human Rights Watch called on Lebanon to enable Syrian refugee children to access education.

The international organization said in a statement that the Lebanese Ministry of Education should extend the period of registration of Syrian children in schools, which ends on Saturday, 4 December.


It urged her to “end the policies that prevent Syrian refugee children from accessing education.”

It added that “thousands of Syrian refugee children are languishing out of schools due to policies that require them to obtain educational records and official documents, which most Syrians cannot obtain.”

And it added, “The slow decisions of the Lebanese Ministry of Education mean that many Syrian children may not be able to register before December 4,” because their registration “is not automatically renewed every year.”

It explained that “Lebanon hosts 660,000 Syrian refugee children of school age, but according to a United Nations assessment.

30% of them or 200,000 have never gone to school, and 60 percent have not been enrolled in school in recent years.


There was no immediate comment from the Lebanese authorities on what was reported by Human Rights Watch.

The organization indicated that “at least 90 percent of Syrian refugees live today below the extreme poverty line in Lebanon, down from 55 percent in 2019”.

The number of Syrian refugees residing in Lebanon is approximately 1.5 million, about 900,000.

Of them are registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and most of them suffer from difficult living conditions.


More than two years ago, Lebanon was wracked by an economic crisis, which the World Bank ranked among the 3 worst economic crises in the world, which led to a financial collapse and the spread of poverty and unemployment.