Washington denies changing its position on the Aegean Sea


US Ambassador to Ankara Jeffrey Flick said Tuesday that his country has not changed its position on the issue of security in the Aegean Sea.


“I was recently asked a question about whether there has been a change in the position of the United States on security in the Aegean Sea, my answer is no,” he said in a statement published by the embassy on its Twitter account.

“Our cooperation in the security field with our NATO allies (Turkey and Greece) does not stem from a biased or unbalanced position towards any partner,” he added.

“Our joint efforts are now focused on ending the brutal and unjustified Russian war in Ukraine,” he continued.


In the statement, Flick noted that Turkey will continue to provide valuable support – particularly by moving food security to an advanced level – and to strengthen dialogue between Ukraine and Russia.

And he added, “Our defense cooperation with Greece strengthens NATO’s eastern flank by supporting Ukraine and our NATO allies in Central and Eastern Europe.”

“The primary goal we share with our NATO allies – Turkey and Greece – is to ensure peace, security and stability in the entire region,” he noted.


Recently, Washington showed support for Greek provocations in the Aegean Sea, lifted the arms embargo imposed on the Greek Cypriot administration, and remained silent about Greece’s violations of the agreements and arming the demilitarized islands in the Aegean Sea.