Underwater cleaning campaign in Kadikoy by divers


On the occasion of World Environment Day, a bottom cleaning was carried out in the Marmara Sea, which has been under the influence of the Sea Games for weeks.

It was also shown what comes out of the sea at Kadikoy Beach, and those who got out in only 3 hours of cleaning surprised those who saw it.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, underwater cleaning was carried out at Kadikoy wharf in cooperation with the Directorate of Maritime Services of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and İSTAC, a subsidiary of IMM.

Within the scope of the study, 3 divers cleaned underwater for 3 hours, in addition to this, waste that was previously removed from the sea was also shown.


Motorcycle outside the sea

In addition to plastic bottles and cups, divers removed various items such as motorcycles.

Car tires, guns, phones, drills, cables, electric heaters and drapkas for bottom cleaning.

On the other hand, those who passed by the beach during cleaning could not hide their surprise when they saw what was removed from the sea, and took pictures of the waste transferred to their mobile phones.