Turkish security launches new operation against PKK terrorists


Turkish security forces launched Operation “Arn Siege-16” against PKK terrorists in the eastern province of Mush.


According to a statement by the Turkish Ministry of the Interior on Sunday, 578 members of the special forces in the gendarmerie and police are participating in the operation.

The statement stressed that the operation comes within the framework of the “Arn-Siege” operations, which aim to eliminate the presence of terrorists inside Turkey.

The Ministry of the Interior launched a series of “ARN” operations against the terrorist “PKK” in January 2021.


It is noteworthy that the name “Arn” was given to these operations in relation to the Turkish youth “Arn Bulbul”, who was martyred by terrorists of the organization on August 11, 2017.

The PKK is a terrorist organization that operates in several countries in the region, including Syria, Iraq and Iran.