Turkish Ramadan aid for 50,000 people in Nepal by “Turkish Religious Endowment”


The Turkish Religion Endowment distributed Ramadan aid to 50,000 needy people in Nepal.

The endowment continues its relief activities for those in need and affected by crises and disasters in various countries of the world.

Relief activities were launched in the “Turkish Religious Endowment” this year under the slogan “Do not forget your brother, you are expected”.

In this context, parcels of Ramadan aid were distributed to 50,000 needy people in various regions in Nepal, according to what the Waqf official said.

The Turkish Endowment distributed aid to needy families in cooperation with the Islamic Organization, Sang Nepal.

The organization’s official, Khurshid Alam Islah, confirmed that relations between Turkey and Nepal have reached an advanced level.

Islahi said Turkey was the first country to rush to aid Nepal after the violent earthquakes in 2015.

For his part, the head of the Waqf team in Nepal, Mustafa Talha Gumus, expressed his pride in helping the needy.

Gumus said that the endowment has brought aid via food parcels to about 50,000 people in Nepal.