40.596 new cases of Coronavirus in Turkey during the past 24 hours


40.596 new cases were detected during the past 24 hours in Turkey, and 2.000 new patients were identified.

339 people have died, with an improvement of 52.297 people, and the number of those who have defeated the Coronavirus has increased to 4 million 22.408.

Turkey also announced the daily statement on the Coronavirus, according to the following link: http://covid19.saglik.gov.t.

And in the past 24 hours, there have been 281.181 tests for COVID-19.

40.596 people were positive for the test, 339 people died, and the number of patients reached 2.000 and 905.

The number of people recovering from the end of the COVID-19 treatment or quarantine in the past 24 hours has also increased to 4 million, 22.408.


Also, the number of examinations reached 45 million and 623 thousand and 978 cases, and the number of cases reached 4 million 591 thousand and 416 cases.

The number of deaths reached 38 thousand and 11, and the number of serious patients 3 thousand and 511 cases.

According to weekly data, the rate of pneumonia in patients this week was 2.9%.

The bed occupancy rate is 56.3%, the adult intensive care rate is 69.1%, and the ventilator occupancy rate is 35.7%.

Also, the average contact detection time was 9 hours, and the radiation rate of percent was recorded at 99.9.