Turkish masks spark controversy in the Greek parliament


Masks made in Turkey caused controversy among Greek parliamentarians.

Greek media reported that Communist Party MP Liana Kanelli criticized the distribution of Turkish masks to parliamentarians.


In her speech to Parliament, Kanelli said, “The masks distributed in Parliament are of Turkish origin, and this is not bad.

But it seems that interests cross from Turkey (to Greece) while migrants cannot cross.”

In a statement by the President of the Greek Parliament, Konstantinos Tasoulas, to local media, he said that a German company had won a tender to supply masks to Parliament.

He pointed out that Parliament did not initially notice that the location of the German company’s factory was in Turkey until after it arrived in Greece and noted that the masks were made in Turkey.


He explained that Parliament may resort to an agreement with an alternative company to supply masks to it in the coming times.

It is noteworthy that the relations of Turkey and Greece, the two neighboring countries, on land and at sea, are tense from time to time, due to a number of problems and issues.

In this context, the two countries will hold exploratory talks, later called the Consultative, to discuss the outstanding problems in the Aegean Sea, the eastern Mediterranean, and the island of Cyprus.