Turkish Family Minister: We continue to support women displaced


Turkish Minister of Family and Social Services Derya Yanik said Saturday that her country will continue, as in the past, to stand with displaced women in conflict zones across the Islamic world and Africa.


Derya Yannick was speaking in a speech at the International Forum Conference on “The Struggle of Algerian Women since the Colonial Era (1830/1962)”, which was organized at the Conference Palace, west of Algiers, in the presence of women ministers of social affairs for a number of Arab countries.

Yannick thanked the Algerian authorities for the “invitation to participate in the forum” and said, “We will continue to strengthen the status of women and raise their social status through the consultations that will be held at this conference.”

“I would like to make it clear that we are ready to share with you the knowledge and experience we have gained in our country to develop joint projects and accelerate development processes,” she added.


Yannik added, “As the Ministry of Family and Social Services of the Republic of Turkey, we closely follow the processes of defining and implementing women’s policies at the international level, especially the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the United Nations and the European Union, and we provide an active contribution and participation.”

And she continued, “As in the past, we will stand by the Palestinian and Syrian women, in Myanmar, in East Turkestan, and the African women who have been displaced from their homes and forced to emigrate today.”

In turn, Algerian Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdel Rahman said in an opening speech to the forum that “the status of women in Algerian society has been strengthened, which is evidenced by numbers and statistics, as many sectors in which the female workforce exceeds an estimated percentage of more than 50 percent, such as the health and education sector.”


Abdel Rahman added: “(Algerian) President Abdelmadjid Tebboune committed himself to continuing to work on women’s economic empowerment, improving their status, strengthening their rights, protecting them from all forms of violence, and establishing mechanisms to promote women’s entrepreneurship (helping women set up small production enterprises), especially in rural areas.”

For her part, Algerian Minister of Solidarity and Family Kawthar Kriko said during the conference that this forum is “a pause of greeting and gratitude for the struggles and sacrifices of Algerian women, and through them all the women of the world who are involved in the effort to liberate their peoples and rebuild their homelands.”

Kriko added, “We are working to make this forum a platform for fraternal harmony and international rapprochement by recalling the path of struggle and challenge for women across the world.”


It is noteworthy that this forum witnessed the participation of the Ministers of Social Affairs from Turkey and several Arab countries, along with Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, the Assistant Secretary-General in charge of Social Affairs of the League of Arab States.

The forum witnessed the organization of discussion workshops on the topic. The work of the forum continues with the organization of public sessions on “The struggle of Arab women: Algerian women as a model” and women’s empowerment policies in various fields.