Turkish E-Government (E-devlet) | All you need to know about this website


In a world where technology is developing day by day, and with the end of the second millennium and the beginning of the third millennium, and the acceleration of the electronic revolution movement.

Everyone’s biggest concern has become keeping up with the change, and at the same time, the government’s contribution to creating the conditions for these changes is very important.


The concept of E-Government appeared with the aim of getting rid of bureaucracy, and in this regard, in recent years, a new concept has emerged, which is the E-Government in Turkey.

Although many countries faced challenges regarding this idea, Turkey has managed to keep pace with the conditions for the E-Government to exist in Turkey.

The E-Government in Turkey is a new concept in developed countries like it, and it means carrying out administrative and governmental work electronically.

So today you can solve many of your administrative tasks without visiting government departments and only online, because all ministries of this country are connected to a central system called E-Devlet.

As a result, the Turkish government worked to enable citizens and foreigners to obtain the E-devlet.

So what is the E-Government (E-Devlet) in Turkey? How can it be obtained in Turkey and how to benefit from it?

Continue reading our article to find out all about the E-Government in Turkey.


What is the E-Government in Turkey (E-devlet)?

The E-Government in Turkey is an electronic display of services that the government usually provides to citizens.

In this way, the government aims to provide its services to citizens in the easiest and most effective, high quality, fast, uninterrupted and safe way.

With the concept of the E-Government beginning to replace the concept of bureaucratic and classic government, the goal is to provide easy access to every government department.

In addition, ensuring that everyone is served via communication systems, using information technologies and government agencies and the services provided by these agencies.

Also, in Turkey, the E-devlet system, which stands for Elektronik Devlet, i.e. E-Government is the main infrastructure.

It forms the basis for E-Government available to citizens, and this system often covers public services for all citizens and residents.


Regarding the start of this step in Turkey, the formation of the E-Government project in Turkey was approved in early 2006.

This was done by the Turkish Cabinet, and it was assigned and administered to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

This website officially began operating in late 2008, with only 22 services for a limited number of citizens, but with the passage of time its facilities increased.

In conjunction with the launch of the site, the Turkish government has also set an agenda to expand citizens’ access to electronic devices and the Internet.

Today, about half of Turkey’s population (nearly thirty-eight million people) use E-Government services, which is a large number.

One of the problems with launching the project was the lack of legal infrastructure, which encouraged the Turkish parliament to amend the law.

Turkey’s E-Government portal and website

Turkey’s E-Government portal is a website that allows access to all public services from one point.

The portal also aims to provide public services to citizens, companies and government agencies in an effective manner through information technologies.

This portal guarantees service to users via the Internet easy access to the services they need from the government in Turkey.


E-devlet page components:

On the first page of the site, with its introduction written: (Use the E-devlet infrastructure to take advantage of the services of hundreds of organizations, thus saving your time and money).

Also, you will find a sentence: (Using the options on this page, you can easily access the information, documents and forms you need).

At first glance, the phrase (thousands of services for hundreds of institutions) may seem an exaggeration, but it is not far from the truth on the Turkey E-Government website.

Where the site covers all ministries and institutions of the state of Turkey, as well as universities, medical centers and even some companies as well.

How to enter the E-Government portal in Turkey:

The login to the E-Government portal in Turkey is done using the user’s national number and password.

The password is obtained through one of the PTT branches, in exchange for an amount not exceeding half a dollar.


How to access the authority to use the E-Government portal in Turkey

It should be noted that accessing the site is very easy and does not require long administrative arrangements.

All citizens (including Turks and foreigners who have obtained a residence permit in Turkey) will be able to access all these facilities upon receiving the username and password.

In addition, the site is very easy to use, and has been designed to benefit all people with different educational levels.

It also helps them easily find the department they need, and this system is also available today as an app for smartphones.

Although this infrastructure faced some problems and challenges during nearly ten years of operation.

(Including the leakage of information from a number of citizens), however, it gradually overcame legal and structural problems, and today it has become an integral part of Turkish government.


Where you can access two types of services through the E-Government portal.

First, to access the content offered for informational purposes, you just have to type in the following address www.turkiye.gov.tr, and view the page.

Whereas, electronic services are public services that are provided electronically, but you will need a password or an electronic signature.

Or, a portable signature must be obtained to access personal information or electronic services that require authentication.

You can also obtain many electronic services from the same address with one authentication (password, electronic signature, and mobile signature).

We inform you about the possibility for foreigners residing in Turkey for at least six months for any purpose to obtain a foreign identification number, which differs from the Turkish identification number.

The mechanism for using the E-devlet portal in Turkey is from the PTT mail located in all regions by taking a valid residence permit for the resident, passport and Turkish phone number.

Where you must enter the ID card number and the code given to you from the PTT from the website, or via the E-devlet app.

How to define a foreign identity number for residents of Turkey within the E-Government website:

  • First, visit the link https://tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/
  • Make inquiries, either by entering your residence permit number (İkamet Tezkere no), meaning the number on the first page of the residence permit, for example (1-112233), or your personal information.
  • Based on your inquiry, you will be given an 11-digit number, generally starting with 99.
  • Take a printed copy of this inquiry and send it to the counselor responsible for managing you at the registrar’s office.
  • There is a possibility that the inquiry will not give you a number, which means that you have not yet been assigned that number.
  • In this case, you will need to go to the Turkish National Police / Foreigners Unit (Ankara Emniyet Müdürlüğü / Yabancılar Şubesi) to find out your national ID number.
  • Once you get the number, send it to the registrar’s office.


Services provided by the E-Government in Turkey

In this system, not only the services provided by each institution are presented, but citizens can also click on the name of each one to perform various services.

Including inquiries, receiving documents, sending application forms, and making personal payments.

For example, registering at a university, receiving university documents, receiving and confirming the certificate, and receiving court documents and medical records.

Also, taking appointments from hospitals and government centers is among the various services that citizens receive through this website.

What types of services are available on the E-Government portal in Turkey?

The services provided to citizens through the E-Government portal in Turkey can be classified as follows:

  • Information services
  • Electronic services
  • Payment transactions
  • Abbreviations for agencies and organizations
  • Information and announcements updates
  • Letters to citizens from agencies.

As for the amount of services provided by the Turkish E-Government portal, E-devlet, the number reached 4,000 services.

And this is only through computers, in addition to 1,912 services via the mobile app.

Also, these services are provided in coordination with 262 government institutions, and the number of users of the Turkish government portal has exceeded 30 million users.


The number of these services is expected to increase at an accelerated pace at all levels in Turkey, including:

  • Anyone can access their personal information
  • Inquire about monthly subscriptions, such as electricity, water and gas, and pay them
  • Inquire about taxes and social insurance financial dues and pay them
  • Inquire about any dues owed by the citizen
  • Obtaining personal official documents, such as the residence document, the student’s study document, a document to judge him/her, and others
  • Personal certificates, such as death, divorce and marriage certificates
  • Passport and personal identification
  • View violations recorded on the vehicle driving license in Turkey and on cars
  • The amendment of the foreign academic certificate
  • Obtaining real estate ownership documents
  • Monitor claims and complaints with the Ministry of Justice
  • Everyone can easily access the state’s institutions and the services provided by the enterprises
  • The E-devlet can be used to extract the residential address (the souls) directly from the internet, and to use it for residency instead of attesting the rental contract
  • Registration of children to schools or otherwise, if the citizen or resident is restricted in the minds without the hassle and going to the Mukhtar
  • It is possible to extract the judicial record sheet (not being convicted) during the citizen’s stay in Turkey without going to court
  • The possibility of knowing the phone lines registered in the name of the citizen or resident of the telecommunications companies, and canceling the unused and registered lines
  • Extracting the title deed (Tabu) used in extracting real estate residency, using the (Tapu web) page without the need to go to the Land Registry Department
  • You can know the taxes that you are required to pay, especially the owners of companies and offices, and it can also be followed up so that there is no increase in taxes in the event that they are not paid in the specified time.
  • The possibility of showing academic certificates obtained in Turkey in any field
  • The possibility of making use of the Ministry of Health information, including the application of the code (HES Code) used in the recent period in the event of movement between cities to follow up cases of Corona between travelers
  • The files of the lawsuits filed can be known by the name of the citizen or resident and the time and date of the court
  • The driving license obtained can be extracted, as well as knowing whether there was a violation (penalty), how many points of violation on the driving license, cars registered in the name of the citizen or resident, and the details of the car
  • In the social security institution known as (SGK), it is possible to benefit from knowing whether health insurance (sigorta) is activated for the citizen or resident or not, the sigorta record, and the work history of the owners of work permits or citizens.


The most important goals of E-Government in Turkey E-devlet

The primary goal of this concept in Turkey is the globalization of rapid progress in the world, where borders in the economic sense are disappearing.

In addition to the goal of rapid progress in information and communication technology, which leads to Turkey being able to bridge this gap and reach the information society.


  • State transparency
  • Ensure the speedy and effective performance of the state
  • Ensuring the participation of citizens at all levels
  • Preventing duplication of work and data by ensuring the exchange of information between institutions
  • Facilitating public service for citizens.

The E-Devlet means in summarizing it as developing and accelerating decision-making processes based on decision makers.


E-devlet application in Turkey

The E-devlet application is an application provided by the government of the Republic of Turkey, providing fast and easy access to government services for citizens and residents of Turkey.

This conditioner is introduced on your portable devices in order to prevent the usual office paperwork, as well as to avoid wasting the time of people and officials.

Registration in this application is also possible by receiving a code from the branches of the Turkish National Post Office or PTT.

Or, you can do this by receiving a mobile signature that can be communicated with your SIM operator.

The latest updates for this app are available for both iOS and Android on Apple and Google Play stores online.

Download the E-Devlet App from here

Frequently Asked Questions:

– How can you benefit from the electronic services provided on the E-Government portal in Turkey?

In order to be able to benefit from the services provided through the e-government portal in Turkey, you must apply to one of the Turkish National Post Centers (PTT) to obtain your password.

– Who manages and operates the E-Government portal in Turkey?

The Digital Transformation Office of the Republic of Turkey is responsible for creating and managing the E-Government portal, and is responsible for development and operation.