Turkish Defense: We destroyed 369 explosive devices of the “PKK”


On Friday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of 369 improvised explosive devices, which were in the possession of the terrorist PKK organization, and the disinfection of 81 caves and hideouts as part of Operation Claw – Lock.


According to the statement issued by the ministry, Operation Claw – Lock, which was launched to repel terrorist attacks in northern Iraq and to ensure border security, is still continuing as planned.

The statement added that after the successful completion of the first phase of the operation and reaching the specified targets, the commando forces stormed caves, hideouts and so-called headquarters, one after another, used by terrorists.

The statement indicated that the Turkish forces, which are continuing search and inspection operations in the area, seized large quantities of weapons and ammunition belonging to the terrorist organization.


The statement pointed out that since the start of the operation, 369 improvised explosive devices have been destroyed and 81 caves and hideouts of the organization have been cleared.

The statement said that the Turkish forces found 94 heavy weapons, including machine guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and mortar shells.

The statement confirmed that 57 terrorists have been neutralized so far in the operation launched by the Turkish Armed Forces against terrorist strongholds.


On April 18, Turkey launched Operation Claw-Lock against terrorist elements in the areas of Matina, Zab, and Afshin-Basian in northern Iraq.