Turkish commandos control a terrorist hideout in northern Iraq


Turkish commandos have taken control of a cave used by leaders of the PKK terrorist organization in northern Iraq.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense broadcast scenes of the cave in which many weapons and ammunition, including M-16 infantry rifles, were found.


Sources in the ministry confirmed the continuation of the operations “claw of lightning” and “claw of lightning”, which were launched last April, with firmness against terrorist sites in northern Iraq.

It pointed out that the Turkish forces continue to enter the terrorists’ caves and clear them one by one.

Despite the difficult terrain during its continuing operations in the areas of “Matina: and Avashin-Basyan”.

It explained that the Turkish forces have recently taken control of a cave where the fleeing terrorists are sheltering in the Beysur site in the area of ​​Operation Claw of the Lightning.


It pointed out that the cave was used by leaders of terrorist organizations in the region, and that many weapons, ammunition, and living necessities were found in it.

It confirmed that the Special Forces had destroyed the cave, which was divided into “rooms” so that it was no longer usable.