Turkish civil organizations are moving to establish a medical center in Gaza


The platform of civil society organizations in the Turkish state of Malatya decided to establish a physical therapy and rehabilitation center in the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, members of the civil society organizations platform in Malatya held a press conference in Soykan Square with the statement being read.


Platform member Hussein Soilmaz, who read the statement, said that the recent Israeli aggression resulted in killing and wounding hundreds and destroying 1,800 buildings.

He stressed that the Malatya civil society organization platform will do its utmost to heal the wounds of the Palestinians.

Soilmaz indicated that they shared their ideas with Palestinian officials through the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) about building an apartment building in Gaza.

He continued, “They told us that there was a need for a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center, so we decided to establish a center that could meet the needs of the area.”

He explained that “the center’s project is ready and will be launched in a short period of time.”


He added that the closed area of ​​the center will be 1930 square meters, and the open area will be 350 square meters.

On April 13, the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories erupted as a result of police attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

And an attempt to evict Palestinian families from their homes in the “Sheikh Jarrah” neighborhood (center) to hand them over to settlers.

Later, the escalation extended to the occupied West Bank and the Arab areas inside Israel, then turned into a military confrontation in Gaza that lasted for 11 days and ended with a ceasefire.​