Istanbul… Japanese arrest for “hunting” kittens to eat them


On Tuesday, Turkish authorities arrested a foreigner on charges of killing kittens and eating their meat after he collected them in front of his house in the Kucukcekmece neighborhood of Istanbul.

The Turkish authorities of the Environment, Nature, and Animal Protection Command launched an investigation after receiving a report that unpleasant odors emitted from the house of a Japanese person.


He had collected kittens in front of the building in which he resides, and took them to his home in the aforementioned neighborhood.

After searches and searches in the house, the authorities concluded that the Japanese accused, “D.M”, killed and ate the cats.

The authorities imposed a fine of more than 10,000 Turkish liras (about $1,167) on the accused under the Animal Protection Law.

The authorities referred the Japanese suspect to the Foreigners Division, in preparation for his deportation outside Turkey.