Turkish Bolu.. a meeting representatives agencies in the Middle East


The northwestern Turkish state of Bolu witnessed a meeting that brought together representatives of 300 agencies active in tourism in the Middle East.


The meeting was attended by representatives from various countries of the Middle East, led by Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar.

The participants discussed projects that would attract more tourists to the region.

In a speech during the meeting, Haqan Dogan Be, Director of Culture and Tourism in Bolu, said that the state is distinguished by its attractiveness to tourists throughout the seasons of the year.

Doğan Bey reviewed the tourism potential of the Turkish state and its natural landmarks and tourist facilities.


It is reported that Bolu, nicknamed the “Heart of Nature”, includes many attractions that acquire a different beauty every year than before, such as gardens and natural parks.

In addition to the Seven Lakes Reserve, which is called the “secret paradise” for its dazzling beauty.