Turkish arbitration committees resolve 879 million lira dispute in 2021


Turkish Arbitration Committees Resolved 879 Million Lira Dispute in 2021 Consumer arbitration panels were involved in the dispute with a value of nearly 870 million liras based on requests from citizens in 2021.

Consumer arbitration committees act as non-judicial decision-making bodies to resolve disputes between consumers and sellers or suppliers fairly, quickly, simply and at the lowest possible cost.


And Consumer Arbitration Panels Significantly Reduce the Workload of the Judiciary The applications to Consumer Arbitration Panels are increasing day by day.

In this context, the number of requests submitted in 2021 reached 537,479 requests, as about 52 percent of the disputes witnessed by consumer arbitration committees in 2021 were resolved in favor of consumers.

While the consumer information system is established to submit applications to consumer arbitration committees electronically through the e-government, all processes are followed up to the decision stage in this system.

With the system, consumers are given the opportunity to easily submit their applications to the relevant consumer arbitration committees in the electronic environment.


In 2021, consumers submitted 296,675 electronic applications to consumer arbitration committees through e-government.

Approximately 55 percent of all applications submitted to consumer juries in 2021 were made via e-government.

And “Internet subscriptions” ranked first with 9.5 percent of applications submitted last year on the basis of products and services.

Followed by “shoes” with 7.1 percent, then “mobile phones” with 6.8 percent, “credit card membership fees” with 5.3 percent, “furniture” with 3.7 percent, and “GSM subscriptions” with 3.4 percent.


According to the sectoral assessment, “retail trade” ranked first with 46.3 percent, followed by “subscription services” with 18.3 percent and “financial services” with 13 percent.

Consumer arbitration committees dealt with the dispute with a value of approximately 870 million pounds, based on requests from citizens in 2021.