Turkish Air Force receives local “bunker-busting” bombs


The Turkish Air Force has begun using bunker-busting bombs filled with active materials produced by local defense industry companies.


According to information, the active materials production facility, which began its activities last year, began using local technologies in the production of chemicals used as raw materials in high-explosive bombs, missile heads, and compound fuels for missiles such as “RDX”, “HMX” and “CMX”.

This month, the Mechanical and Chemical Industries Company began delivering bunker-busting bombs filled with locally produced active materials, as the company delivered more than 100 pieces to the Air Force.

The Mechanical and Chemical Industries Company oversees the production of “super bombs”, which are the first of their kind manufactured in Turkey capable of penetrating cement.

The bomb, also known as a “bunker buster”, is designed to be used against both above and below ground targets.


The bomb is used against targets such as ammunition and petrochemical depots, bunkers, hangars, command and control centers, runways, bridges, dams, important buildings, radar antennas, stationary missile batteries, industrial facilities, and parked aircraft.