Turkey’s revenue from tea exports exceeded 203 million dollars


Turkey’s revenues from tea exports amounted to 203 million and 872 thousand dollars during the period between 2011-2021.


According to data from the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union in Turkey, Turkey exported 2,191 tons of tea to 68 countries during 2011.

By 2021, this number had risen to 5,500 tons, while the number of markets for Turkish tea reached 120 countries.

Turkey achieved revenues of 19 million and 575 thousand dollars from tea exports during the past year 2021.

Thus, Turkish tea exports have achieved a growth of 151 percent in quantity and 91 percent in revenue.

In his speech, Ahmed Hamdi Gordogan, deputy head of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union, said that they aim to increase the quantity and revenues of tea exports in the future.


He added that they aim to make Turkish tea exports cover 10 percent of the world’s tea trade.