Turkey welcomes the Tigray Front’s declaration of commitment to peace


Turkey welcomed the announcement by the Ethiopian Tigray People’s Liberation Front of its readiness to commit to an immediate ceasefire and to resolve the conflict peacefully in the north of the country.


This came in a statement issued by the spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Tanju Bilgic, on Monday.

Bilgic made it clear that Turkey always calls for dialogue and expresses its readiness to provide all kinds of support in this context with the aim of ensuring a permanent end to violence in Ethiopia.

On Sunday, the Tigray Liberation Front announced in a statement its commitment to an immediate and agreed ceasefire, stressing that “the conflict can only be resolved through dialogue.”

The Front expressed its willingness to engage in a serious peace process under the auspices of the African Union.


The conflict in Tigray region, northern Ethiopia, began in November 2020, when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent federal forces to the region to control the local authorities of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front after it was accused of attacking an army barracks.

The conflict has killed thousands of people in Africa’s second most populous country after Nigeria.