Turkey stresses the importance of accelerating its admission to the EU


Faruk Kaymakci, Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister and Head of European Union Affairs in the ministry stressed the necessity and importance of accelerating the process of his country’s admission to the European Union.

This came in his speech on Wednesday at the opening of a conference in the capital, Ankara, on the “Pre-Accession Assistance Tool” (IPA).


The Turkish official added that the “Pre-Accession Assistance Tool” is an important mechanism for preparing the common future of Turkey and the European Union.

It stressed the need for effective use of the “Pre-Accession Utility.”

And he added, “The acceleration of Turkey’s membership in the European Union is the responsibility of all of us.”

It pointed out that the European Union has provided Turkey with 9.2 billion euros to date in the framework of the “Pre-Accession Assistance Instrument.”


It explained that Turkey has devoted these resources to many fields such as agriculture, industry, transportation, environment, consumer protection and human rights, and other sectors.