Turkey… Opening of a medical museum of “Çanakkale” on Tuesday


The medical museum, scheduled to open on August 10, embodies the medical services that were provided to Turkish soldiers in the famous battles of Çanakkale, in which they defeated the Allied armies in 1915.


The museum provides information about the medical services provided during battles to wounded and wounded soldiers during that important historical period in Turkey’s history.

The museum is scheduled to open its doors to visitors tomorrow, Tuesday, during a ceremony held specifically for this purpose.

The museum was equipped with the support of the Konya Municipality (center) and the Turkish University of Health Sciences, under the supervision of the Presidency of the Historical District of the Battles of Çanakkale on Gallipoli Island.

On March 18 of each year, Turkey commemorates the anniversary of the victory of the Ottoman Empire in the battles of Çanakkale against the Allies.

Where British, French, New Zealand, and Australian forces tried to occupy Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire at the time, and the attempt failed.