Turkey.. Modern and environmentally friendly means of transportation


The municipality of Samsun, in cooperation with the Turkish company “Aselsan”, produced electric buses equipped with lithium batteries for use in internal transportation operations, in an initiative that is the first of its kind.

It is noteworthy that these buses are characterized by being quiet and environmentally friendly, in addition to having saved 97 thousand and 703 liters of fuel, equivalent to two million and 183 thousand Turkish liras, in just 94 days.

In turn, the mayor of Samsun, Mustafa Demir, pointed out the role of these buses in preserving the environment, as he said:


“We preserve nature and do our best for Samsun, which we want to have a livable environment.”

In this regard, the municipality of Samsun aims to reduce the hustle and bustle and exhausts of transportation means by providing modern and environmentally friendly means of transportation that achieve more comfort for passengers.

Demir also noted that these buses are of local design and are distinguished by the speed of electric charging, as he added:

“These buses can be charged in just 10 minutes and can cover a distance of 90 km on a single charge.”

In the same context, Demir confirmed that the average cost of shipping one bus, whose length is 12 meters, does not exceed 2.78 Turkish liras.