Turkey is the only country that has taken measures against Israel


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed on Saturday that Turkey is the only country that has taken concrete measures against Israel due to its war on the Gaza Strip.

Erdogan said at a party event in the capital, Ankara: “Turkey is the only country that has shown the strongest reaction to the ongoing massacre in Gaza since October 7, and has even taken concrete measures against Israel.”

He added, “The total humanitarian aid that we sent to our brothers in Gaza exceeded 55,000 tons. We stand with the people of Palestine in defense of their homeland, and we do not hesitate to defend the Palestinian resistance despite attempts to distort its reputation.”

The Turkish President pointed out that the Palestinians are defending their land and the dignity of all humanity.

In early May, the Turkish Ministry of Trade announced a complete cessation of commercial transactions with Israel until humanitarian aid was allowed to enter the Gaza Strip without restrictions.