The world is watching the barbarism of the vampire Netanyahu


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday criticized the international community’s silence regarding what is happening in the Gaza Strip, saying that “the world is directly following the brutality of the demented vampire (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu.”

This came in a speech during a meeting of the parliamentary bloc of his Justice and Development Party in Parliament.

He said: “No belief justifies killing innocent civilians by burning them in tents, and the world is directly following the brutality of the bloodsucker called Netanyahu.”

Erdogan pointed out that “Israel killed humanity in Gaza, and Europe killed its values ​​and trampled on all the principles that were the reason for its existence.”

He pointed out that the hands of the United States and European countries are “stained with blood” in Gaza.

He added that these countries have become “partners in the blood-sucking practiced by Israel by remaining silent.”

Erdogan criticized the United Nations, saying: “Not to mention stopping the genocide, the United Nations was not even able to protect its employees or relief workers. The United Nations died along with its soul in Gaza, not just humanity.”

He stressed that “no country, including Turkey, will be safe unless Israel is subject to the supervision of international law.”


He stressed that more than three-quarters of the members of the United Nations recognize the State of Palestine, and that “the joint decision of 147 countries cannot be left to the whims of 5 countries (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council).”

He also stated that young people are beginning to see the extent of Zionism’s “perversion and denial of the law.”

He expressed his hope that “this revolution will create a world free of the deviations of Zionism.”

Erdogan explained that “the genocide committed by Israel in Gaza has moved to a bloodier stage through its attacks on the Rafah area.”

He pointed out that “at least 45 innocent Palestinians were martyred in the attack on the tents where civilians were struggling to survive in an area he claimed was safe.”

He said, “The soul and heart cannot bear to look at those scenes (the Khiam massacre).”

On Sunday, Israel killed 45 Palestinians and wounded dozens, most of them children and women, with an air strike it launched on displaced persons’ tents in the Tal al-Sultan area, northwest of Rafah, on Sunday, even though it was among the areas that its army claimed were “safe and possible to move to.”


Erdogan pointed out that “one of the fathers, in a state of desperation, showed his decapitated child, who was only a few months old, to the conscience of the world and humanity, if he still exists.”

He addressed Israel, saying: “What do you want from 15,000 innocent children? Is there no trace of humanity left in you? Do you not have any conscience or mercy? Do you not have any values ​​or boundaries? Are you so hostile to humanity? Is there not even a shred of mercy in Your heart? By God, there is no religion in the world that justifies this brutality.”

He added: “Oh American state, your hands are stained with this destruction as well. You are as responsible for this genocide as Israel.”

He continued, “Oh European heads of state and government, you have also become Israel’s partners in this genocide, barbarism, and bloodsucking because you remained silent.”

President Erdogan pointed out that the Israeli soldiers “targeted hospitals, schools, and mosques and you remained silent. They targeted relief convoys and you remained silent. They targeted journalists, doctors and aid workers and you remained silent. They exhumed mass graves from hospital gardens and showed no reaction. You clearly supported Israel under the pretext of Hamas.”


He pointed out that democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and the rights of women and children are also dying in Europe, while humanity is being killed in Gaza.

Erdogan demanded that no European come forward and talk about democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press arrogantly or using condescending language from now on.

He directed his words to the Islamic world, saying: “What are you waiting for to make a joint decision? What more needs to happen to show a response?”

Erdogan added: “Israeli terrorists enter Muslim homes and publish pictures from their bedrooms, Muslim children are killed in hospitals, infants’ throats are cut, and people are burned in tents. When will you see this? When will you show a reaction to it? When will you meet and show a firm position?”

He continued: “When will the Organization of Islamic Cooperation adopt an effective and deterrent policy in confronting these injustices? And when will the Islamic world protect the right, life and dignity of the Palestinian brothers? I swear to God that He (God) will hold us and all of you accountable for that.”


Erdogan stressed that Israel, which does not recognize law and order, poses a threat not only to Palestine and Gaza, but also to all of humanity and world peace.

He explained that “Hitler, in whose footsteps Netanyahu is following today, was stopped by the alliance of the United States and the Soviet Union, even if it was late.”

He added: “With the alliance of humanity, the genocide, brutality and barbarism must stop immediately before Netanyahu and his criminal network get completely out of control.”

He pointed out that the recognition of the Palestinian state by Spain, Ireland, and Norway “increased hopes, even if only slightly, in light of this pessimistic situation,” congratulating “all friendly countries that show a humanitarian and courageous stance and recognize the state of Palestine.”

On May 22, Spain, Norway, and Ireland officially announced their recognition of the State of Palestine, effective the 28th of the same month, raising the number of countries recognizing it to 147 out of 193 countries in the United Nations General Assembly.


He stressed that “the world is greater than five and the common human conscience is greater than five (permanent members of the UN Security Council).”

He pointed out that “Israel and its supporters believe that the genocide committed will be forgotten,” stressing that “this genocide will not be forgotten.”

He pointed out that young people in many countries and universities around the world protested against “genocide,” noting that academics and professors raised their voices against “genocide despite all Zionist pressure and bullying.”

Since last October 7, Israel has been waging a war on Gaza, leaving more than 117,000 Palestinians dead and wounded, most of them children and women, and about 10,000 missing amid massive destruction and famine that claimed the lives of children and the elderly.

Israel continues the war on Gaza despite orders from the International Court of Justice to immediately stop the ground attack on the city of Rafah (south), and to take temporary measures to prevent acts of “genocide” and improve the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Strip.

The Turkish President stressed that the young people stand in solidarity with Palestine despite the threats to expel them from their universities.


He pointed out that many artists, athletes, writers, and scholars “with compassion and conscience have become the voice of Gaza, bearing all the costs.”

Since last April, students and academics at universities in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Spain and India, have been organizing events demanding an end to the war on Gaza and the cessation of any support or cooperation with Israel.

Erdogan also confirmed that “the Israeli administration and the Zionist lobby are trying to put pressure on the International Court of Justice and the judges through threats,” stressing that this must not be allowed.

He added: “Israel must be prevented from eliminating the last shred of faith in the manifestation of justice. Peace will not come to our region, and the world will not enjoy stability unless the criminals of genocide are convicted before the law as well as in the human conscience.”

On May 20, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan announced his request to the court to issue arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Galant on charges of committing “war crimes” in Gaza.

A day later, Khan revealed that he had received threats while conducting investigations against Israeli officials.