Turkey criticizes Macron’s comments against it


The Turkish Foreign Ministry criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements against Turkey and some other countries during his visit to Algeria and called on him to confront France’s colonial past in Africa.


Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Tango Bilgic said in a statement on Saturday that Macron’s statements targeting our country along with some other countries during his visit to Algeria are very unfortunate.

He added, “It is unacceptable that President Macron, who is facing difficulties over his colonial past in Africa, especially Algeria, tries to get rid of his colonial past by accusing other countries, including ours.”

And he added, “Turkey, which encourages friendship and not hostility, is among the strategic partners of the African Union, and it develops its relations with Algeria and other African countries day after day.


He pointed out, “If France believes that there are reactions against it on the African continent, then it must search for its source in its colonial past and its efforts to continue it in different ways, and it must correct this.”

He continued, “The claim that these reactions are the result of the activities of third countries rather than confronting and solving the problems of their past is not only a denial of a social and historical phenomenon, but also reflects the distorted mentality of some politicians.”

“We hope that France will reach maturity to confront its colonial past without blaming other countries, including ours, as soon as possible,” he said.


Macron claimed in statements during his visit to Algeria on Friday that his country is being subjected to a “smear” campaign led by Turkish, Chinese and Russian networks because of its abandonment of the scene in Africa.