Turkey criticizes Greek border guards’ treatment of migrants


Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu on Wednesday criticized the way Greek border guards handle migrants.


This came in a tweet he posted on Twitter and attached pictures of the bodies of migrants who died in the cold in the Turkish state of Edirne (north), after Greek forces forced them to return to Turkish territory.

Soylu said that the Greek border guards fought for the victims, and sympathized with the supporters of the “Gülen” terrorist organization who are trying to flee to Europe through its lands.

He pointed out that 12 of the 22 migrants forced by Greece to return to Turkish territory died after taking off their shoes and clothes.

He added: “The European Union is helpless, weak, and inhumane.”


And earlier today, the Edirne province announced that the bodies of 9 migrants died from the cold (before the number rose), after the Greek police forced them to return to Turkish territory.

Since Wednesday morning, the Turkish authorities have been combing the area with the aim of finding other migrants who may need urgent medical assistance, while the judicial authorities have opened an investigation into the incident.