Turkey.. 41 million and 438 thousand visitors to gardens and parks


National parks and natural parks under the protection of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry received 41,438,206 visitors in the first eight months of this year.


Quoting officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Wednesday, the number of national parks and nature parks under protection rose this year to 633, up from 628 last year.

12 million and 500 thousand people visited these regions in 2015, 16 million and 813 thousand in 2016 and 24 million and 750 thousand in 2017, and 35 million and 300 thousand in 2018, and 42 million and 872 thousand in 2019 and 32 million and 796 thousand in 2020 and 51 million and 756 thousand in 2021.

During the first eight months of 2022, the Marmaris National Park in the state of Mugla ranked first in the number of visitors with 5 million and 993 thousand.


The Bey Dagalari coastal park in the state of Antalya came in second place with 5 million and 357 thousand visitors, followed by the “Ormania” park in Kocaeli with 3 million and 402 thousand and 881 visitors.