Tourists from Moldova explore Turkish Cappadocia


Tourists from Moldova have begun to explore the Turkish city of Cappadocia with its natural and historical beauty and cultural diversity.

Tourists are accompanied by specialized guides during their exploration of the regions of Urgup, Drinkuyu, Uanos, Ghorme, and Uch Hisar.


In addition to Qaymaqli, Orta Hesar, and Chaoshin, as well as the chimneys of the jinn, closed valleys and underground cities.

In her speech, the tourist Marina Galisoglu explained that she had long wanted to visit Cappadocia.

“Cappadocia is very different, the place is very calm and beautiful, in addition to the hospitable spirit of the people here,” she said.

For his part, the tourist Mikael Pascal stated that he would like to visit Cappadocia again in order to see it in its different seasons and photograph it.

He expressed his admiration for the region, stressing that the underground cities and the historical places carved on the rocks are interesting.


Cappadocia is famous for its underground cities and the chimneys of the jinn, or the so-called “devil tables”, which were formed as a result of the factors of sculpture and erosion.

The region is one of the most important tourist centers and destinations in Turkey, and hosts many hotels, in addition to the lodges formed in the hollows of the rocks and inside the caves.

A visitor to Cappadocia can wander between the chimneys and “devil’s tables” on the backs of camels and horses.

Or using 4-wheeled motorbikes, or on foot, as well as organizing balloon trips.