Tomer exam in Turkey – All you need to know


The Tomer exam is an official exam of the Turkish Language Training, and it is one of the most prestigious Turkish language courses in Istanbul.

It is a prerequisite for admission to Turkish public and private universities.

Tomer stands for the Turkish Language Training Center in Istanbul, and the Tomer exam, like the TOEFL and IELTS certificates, for English, is very important to study in Turkey and get accepted in the Turkish universities.

This means that if you choose one of the Turkish universities to study in, you will inevitably need to present this language score. so taking a Tomer test at some point in your life in Turkey is useful to show that you master the language.

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The different levels of Tomer exam in Turkey:

The Tomer exam contains several levels from A1 to C1. and your total score on this test will show your level of knowledge and understanding, and in fact your level in the Turkish language.

The Turkish language course and the Tomer test are divided into two parts at each level, including two levels: beginners, two intermediate levels, and two advanced levels.

Tomer test class schedule and a description of the learner’s tasks in Turkey :

Each Tomer level is held in eight weeks (two hours), classes are usually held for two hours in the morning or in the afternoon. And students are finally allowed to obtain the official grade they obtained by attending language classes and taking the final exam.


t the end of each level of Turkish language test levels, students are assessed through a performance evaluation or final exam by formal teachers, which includes four main skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, spoken and written comprehension, and additional grammatical skills.

Entering Turkish universities with the Tomer exam in Turkey:

Level B1 is required as a minimum to enter Turkish universities, according to the official website of the Tomer exam in Ankara.

Turkish language courses are offered in Istanbul either in intensive courses (one month, two hours) or regular courses (6 months, two hours).

It should be noted that for studying  In Turkey, just as for studying in Canada or studying in Germany, knowledge of the Turkish language is required for admission to prestigious Turkish universities, and a minimum education is required under the rules of the relevant university admission department.

Tomer Exam Score Types :

The Tomer exam in Turkey has four introductory grades, an intermediate degree, an intermediate degree and a final diploma. two of which were issued for primary and intermediate education levels. and the other two for intermediate and advanced levels.

At the end of each course, the learner must pass the final exam of the course to reach a higher level.

The final exam is held at the end of each Turkish language course in Istanbul in Turkey to assess the four main skills of learners at each level.

If one is unable to pass one of these skill levels, he/she must take the make-up test, and if there is more than once and you failed in Turkish language skill, you must retake the course.

Details of the different levels of the Tomer exam in Turkey :

  • Level A1 has general ability to communicate and understand simple questions and answers
  • At level A2, you have basic language skills and the ability to speak easily and predictably
  • Students who pass levels B1 and B2 of the Tomer test have Turkish language skills to suit everyday situations and appropriate knowledge to describe different topics respectively.
  • Finally, by passing the C1 level and obtaining the Tomer Exam Completion diploma, you have the Turkish language skills to continue your education.

Tomer test time and details in Turkey :

  • Tomer Exam is held every day from 9:00 to 16:00
  • Before registering for the exam, a placement test is conducted
  • The registration office for the Tomer exam in Turkey is open from 8:30 to 20 days and from 8:30 to 17:30 on weekends.
  • Test result is valid for 4 months
  • The teacher may, if necessary, change the course level with the approval of the course chair in the first week, regardless of the test result, exams and lessons are paid in Turkish lira.

Tomer exam cost in Turkey :

The cost of the Tomer exam varies from one center to another. But in any case, the cost ranges between 250 and 350 dollars for one level, to be paid in two installments.

Student payments will be refunded if it is not possible to hold the class due to a problem caused by the Tomer exam, and to take advantage of the Tomer exam deduction

Documents and personal details must be submitted during registration and the required records must be signed. Even if a copy of the specification is included in the attachments, this is acceptable.

The suspension and temporary suspension of registration in the first week is made by proving a justified excuse.

If the institution approves, the application for attendance will not be accepted on the following date and it will not be possible to pay the costs of courses in which the learner does not participate.

Tomer exam validity in Turkey :

For language learners with a rest period of more than 4 months, the test should be retaken.

Tomer Exam courses run for 12 months a year and 7 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm.

Compensation class is arranged for meetings canceled for any reason.

The student who pays his tuition fees can transfer his tuition fees to another person for one or more exam preparation classes. And the person who is granted this right will be placed in the final exam without paying a fee.

Starting point for Tomer exam classes in Turkey:

To start the semester, it is necessary to reach the quorum for the number of students and the minimum class time specified in advance by the board.

As for extracurricular programs, special courses may start at the discretion of Tomer trainers in specific days and hours.

It is the responsibility of the branch manager to decide on the classes and study hours, class changes and what teachers, (in a score test without participating in the Tomer exam, the teacher evaluates the learner in terms of language skills and decides whether the student should take this course or whether he needs to repeat the same course).

For others who progress for a Tomer score, a 5-skill test is taken during the last four hours of the course, the language learner who passes all the skills tests moves to a higher level.

A language learner who fails a skill score is subject to the same skill test, and to pass each training course and move to the next one.

The required score is given in the following:

  • Hearing skill, minimum score 15, maximum score 25
  • Text comprehension skill, minimum score of 15, maximum score of 25
  • Binary conversation skill, minimum score 15, maximum score 9
  • Expressive skills, minimum score 10, maximum score 6
  • Listening skills, minimum score 15, maximum score of 25

Types of Tests that are Performed to Take Courses for Tomer Exam in Turkey :

  • Exam type: placement test.
    Test Description: from one hundred to one hundred twenty questions that measure the student’s skill level.
    The Document is: Placement report
  • Exam type: Course attendance test.
    Test Description: Includes 4 skills from each level to move to the next level.
    The Document is: Course attendance report
  • Exam Type: Graduation Exam.
    Test Description: The end of the level above intermediate and advanced and includes all four skills.
    The Document is: Certificate.
  • Exam Type: Diploma Exam.
    Test Description: Tests at the end of the intermediate and advanced level that include all four skills.
    The Document is: DIPLOMA Certificate.
  • Exam Type: Exam and Certificate or Diploma without passing semester.
    Test Description: Exam for those who have not attended Tomer Exam Courses, and whose skills are assessed.
    The Document is: Certificate and DIPLOMA.
  • Exam Type: Remote test.
    Test Description: an online exam that measures Turkish language proficiency.
    The Document is: UTS DIPLOMA.

The required degree for the Tomer exam in Turkey to obtain a degree in each course :

  • Grade A1: Points: 20 – 49
  • Grade A2: Number of Points: 50 – 59
  • Grade B1: Points: 60 – 69
  • B2 score: Points: 70 – 79
  • Grade C1: Points: 80 – 89
  • C2: Points: 90 – 100