The water of the pond receded, and thousands of fish perished


Thousands of fish died in the Mazıdağı district of Mardin due to the low water level in the pond which did not rain for a long time and had seepage at the bottom.

The pond, located in the Kocakint area of ​​the Mazıdağı district of Mardin, began to dry up due to lack of rainfall for a long time.

Thousands of fish died in the pond as the water level decreased and were washed ashore.

Citizens of Diyarbakir and some neighborhoods have suffered from the fish deaths that occurred as a result of the withdrawal of water from the dam, which is an important source of income for the villagers and an important source of income.


Global warming is starting to damage our pool

Hidayat Diyar confirmed that the impact of global warming is increasing day by day:

“In past years, it was raining better than this year.

And under normal conditions, the pond should not dry up for another 5-6 years even if there was no rain.

But this year with the drought our pond has dried up in one season, and unfortunately, thousands of fish have died.

And I remember in the past when I was little with my father, I used to come to this pool when I was little.

People from several provinces such as Mosh and Diyarbakir came to fish around the pond.

The warming has reached the closest place to us, and it has started to destroy our pool. I cannot even think of places where the water level is low.”