The US is concerned about “hypersonic missile test”


General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said allegations that China was testing a hypersonic missile were “disturbing”.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Milley made assessments of allegations that China was testing a hypersonic missile.


He stressed that China’s test of the high-speed missile system was an “important situation”, and Milley assessed the development as “extremely worrying.”

“We have given our full attention,” Milley said, noting that Chinese military efforts of this kind indicate the need for the United States to develop its work.

General Milley also warned that the Chinese army had grown into a “highly capable army that covers all areas and has global ambitions.”

“This technology is not something strange, and it is something we don’t think about,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said after Milley’s remarks.

Kirby noted that the United States continues its efforts to strengthen its defense systems and has targets for its own hypersonic systems.


US President Joe Biden also said he was concerned about allegations that China was testing a hypersonic missile.

The Financial Times claimed that China conducted a hypersonic missile test in July, citing 5 sources who did not wish to be identified on October 16.

It was said in the news that the missile ascended to low Earth orbit, but missed its target with a slight deviation.