The Turkish Ministry of Interior, 92 terrorists neutralized during November


Interior Ministry spokesman Gatakli announced that 92 terrorists were neutralized in November.

Interior Ministry spokesman Ismail Gatakli announced that it was the result of operations coordinated by the Ministry of Interior last November.


Three high-ranking terrorists were neutralized, one from the green category, one from the orange category, and one from the gray category.

“In November, with the coordination of the Home Ministry, a total of 10,900 operations were carried out,” Gatakli said in a statement.

15 large and 66 medium-sized in rural areas and 1,382 operations in our cities.”

Providing information on combating irregular migration, Gatakli announced that a total of 19,587 irregular immigrants were arrested in November, of whom 3,592 were at sea.


Gatakli stated that 2,167 operations were carried out in November, and 3,294 people were arrested in the fight against smuggling.