The Turkish “Feday” system successfully passed its first test


The Turkish “Feday” system for hunting attack drones has successfully passed its first test.

The “Feday” is a system that was developed with local capabilities by Turkish defense industry companies with the aim of catching drones and attack drones.


Guray Ali Janli, a member of the Board of Directors of Transvaro, said that the “Feday” system had successfully conducted its first trials, shortly after the project was revealed.

In his speech, he added that they had completed manufacturing 10 initial copies of the aforementioned system.

He explained that they are receiving increasing requests for the multi-launch version of the “Feday” platform, pointing out that they are continuing to work to manufacture it.

He indicated that they launched a project to develop the platform to a height of 5,000 meters, at the request of a Southeast Asian country.


Canli stressed that Fedayi will become one of the most important products of Turkish defense industries in the near future.

The mechanism of action of the “Feday” is based on it automatically leaving the barrel (the tube) and heading towards the target, as soon as it is ascertained that the flying object poses a danger to the area it is assigned to protect.

“Feday” approaches the target, and destroys it with its own optical search system, whether the target is a single drone or a squadron of them.