The Turkish “Baykar” celebrates the first flight of its fighter


The Turkish company Baykar celebrated the success of the first flight test of the “Bayraktar Kizil Elma” drone fighter.

The ceremony took place at the “Ozdemir Bayraktar National Technology Center” in the presence of all employees of the company, where they took a souvenir photo in front of the fighter.

In a tweet, Baykar Chairman Selcuk Bayraktar said, “We celebrate with the Baykar family the first flight of Qil Elma, which we have dreamed of for 20 years.”


Last Wednesday, the Turkish drone fighter “Bayraktar Qazil Elma” successfully passed its first 18-minute flight test.

In early March, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Baykar” unveiled the local drone fighter, and at that time published pictures of its structure without wings.

A statement issued by the Turkish “Baykar” for defense industries, on Wednesday, stated that it conducted the first flight tests of the drone fighter at its training and testing center in Tekirdag, northwestern Turkey, where it succeeded in flying for 18 minutes.

Unlike drones, Bayraktar Qazil Elma can perform lightning maneuvers and carry out air-to-air combat missions like conventional fighters, enabling Turkey to change the balance of air warfare.

It is planned that the “Bayraktar Qazil Elma” will perform the most difficult tasks thanks to the advantage of being hidden from radar screens more, and its take-off weight will reach 6 tons, and it is capable of carrying 1,500 kilograms of missiles and ammunition.

The “Bayraktar Qazil Elma” march is distinguished by the ability to land and take off on ships with short runways such as the “TGG Anadolu” ship, and it will play a strategic role in overseas missions and protecting the “blue homeland”.