The TCG ship will change the rules of the game in the world


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the locally made “TCG Anadolu” ship has specifications that enable it, when necessary, to carry out military and humanitarian operations everywhere around the world.

This came in a speech on Monday during his participation in the “TCG Anadolu” ship handover ceremony and the sheet metal cutting ceremony for the new Melgem frigates.

Erdogan made it clear that “TCG Anadolu” is the first warship of its kind in the world, indicating that the largest and most massive helicopters and drones can land on it and take off from it.


And he added, “We see in the TCG Anadolu ship a symbol that enhances Turkey’s position in the region and the world, and thanks to it, Turkey will become a leading country in the field of technologies, systems and solutions that change the rules of the game in the world.”

He pointed to the possibility of using the ship in natural disasters and humanitarian operations, pointing out that it includes a hospital and an integrated operating room.

He pointed out that the “TCG Anadolu” ship is the first attack drone carrier in the world, and drones such as the Bayraktar-TB3 and Qizil Elma, as well as the Hurjit light attack jet trainer, will be able to land and take off from it.

And he added, “In addition, thanks to the tanks and armored amphibious assault vehicles it carries, this ship has advantages that will enable us to carry out military and humanitarian operations in every corner of the world when necessary.”

“Thanks to the TCG Anadolu ship, we will easily be able to deploy a battalion-sized force in crisis areas in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas without the need for a major base support,” he said.


And he added, “We decided to raise the budget of our defense industries to $75 billion. The number of defense industries projects in Turkey has reached 750, and the number of defense industries companies is 2,700.”

He also noted that the metal sheets of three Milgem-class frigates were cut today. He expressed his thanks to everyone who contributed to the construction of the ship (TCG Anadolu) and will contribute to the construction of the new frigates.

He stated that all weapon systems and sensors that will be placed on the Turkish frigates have been developed with local and national capabilities.

He pointed out that Turkey is one of 10 countries in the world capable of designing and manufacturing its own ships, stressing that this is a matter of pride.

President Erdogan indicated that the supply and combat operations support ship “Derya”, which will be the country’s second largest ship, will enter service this year.

He also indicated that the submarine “Piri Rais” and the frigate “Istanbul” will also enter service during 2023.