The Supreme Youth Council determines the parties in elections in Turkey


The Supreme Electoral Commission has determined which political parties are eligible to enter the elections.


And in the decision of the Socialist Shura Council published in today’s bis issue of the Official Gazette, and in accordance with the relevant articles of the “Law on Fundamental Provisions for Elections and Electoral Records” and “Political Parties Law” No. 2820.

As of at least 6 months prior to January 1, it was announced that the 24 political parties who had organizations and held major conferences in less than half of them were eligible to participate in the elections.

The decision included the Justice and Development Party, the Motherland Party, the Independent Turkey Party, the Great Unity Party, the Republican People’s Party, and the Democracy Party.

In addition to the Democratic Left Party, the Labor Party, the Future Party, the Youth Party, the Democratic Party, it has been mentioned that there is the Case Party, the IYI Party, the Umma Party, and the Nationalist Movement Party.


Also, the Rising Conservative Party, the Happiness Party, the Left Party, the Turkish Workers’ Party, the Turkish Communist Movement, the Turkish Communist Party, the Vatan Party and the Welfare Party again.