The reason for delaying the Chinese vaccine, the Turkish Health Minister explains


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the arrival of the Chinese vaccine, Sinovac, was delayed due to lack of production.

“The Chinese government has imposed restrictions on vaccine manufacturers, but we can buy it,” said Koca, while sharing developments regarding the vaccine.


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca spoke to HaberTürk and shared developments related to the vaccine.

“We can get the vaccine despite the Chinese government’s restrictions on production.”

Minister Koca also explained the reason for disrupting the Chinese vaccine, Sinovac, and said that the Chinese government has imposed restrictions on vaccine manufacturers.

“Not only us, no one can get the vaccine in the promised time. There are countries that have not received a million, not a hundred thousand, or even a few thousand vaccines. Make sure we are one of the lucky countries.”

The Chinese government has placed restrictions on all vaccine manufacturers.

First, they will give it to China. This is why there is a lot of turmoil.

We can still have it. We could not find the vaccine if we had not participated in the Phase 3 Chinese vaccine studies.”

Explaining that an additional 18 million vaccines will come from Biontech, Koca said that 32 million people over the age of 40 will be vaccinated by June.


Minister Koca also expressed his concern about the vaccine with the following words:

“The European Union can impose restrictions or even a ban on the sale of vaccines outside the European Union at any time.

Everyone wants their fellow citizens to be the priority.”