The Open Skies agreement fail to encourage America to resume participation


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at a meeting of the Russian State Duma (parliament) on Wednesday.

The states parties to the Open Skies Treaty did nothing to encourage the United States to return to the treaty.

“As far as we know, no one, including countries that are not officially members of NATO and who maintain so-called neutrality, has taken practical steps to encourage Washington if it were not to reconsider completely.


But at least to clarify its position and preserve the horizons for more efforts to ensure the return of the United States to the treaty. “

Ryabkov explained that, “With regard to how these boycotts took our decision, they either did not say anything or repeated unfounded grievances regarding Russia’s implementation of the treaty, which we rejected many times.”

According to him, Russia is seeing no signs that the United States and its allies are willing to somehow define their approach.

At its Wednesday meeting, the State Duma unanimously approved a bill on Russia’s withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty, which was introduced by President Vladimir Putin.