The mystery of the “mysterious lake” attracts tourists


The Yesilkoz Lake (Green Eye) in the state of Kahramanmaras in southern Turkey annually attracts thousands of tourists.


It is known locally as the “mysterious lake” because its water source is unknown. The lake is located in the “Tekir” area in the “On Ike Shabbat” district, 60 km from the center of Marash city.

The lake has contributed significantly to supporting the tourism sector in the state in recent years thanks to its beautiful natural areas throughout the four seasons.

Many researches were conducted on the lake, but the source of its waters remained a mystery, and it became home to many species of fish and a place that attracts the attention of visitors and photography enthusiasts because of its stunning views and calm atmosphere.

The mayor of Kahramanmaraş, Khairuddin Güngör, said that the city of Maraş is considered one of the Turkish cities rich in beautiful natural areas.


He stated that the city is about 3,000 meters above sea level, and pointed out that Yeşil-Köz Lake is one of dozens of picturesque natural areas in the state of Qahramanmaraş.

Gungor said that the municipality of Marash took over from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry last year the task of supervising the area in which the lake is located, and since then it has started building new roads linking the city and the site of the lake.

He added that Marash Municipality is working on preparing new projects in the area that contribute to providing the highest levels of comfort for tourists, in line with the protection of the region’s natural resources.


He said, “These projects include the transportation, environment, and restaurants sectors, with a value of more than 30 million Turkish liras.”

He added, “These projects will increase the tourism capacity of the region, which is witnessing an increasing demand year after year.”

He continued, “Last year, the region received more than 100,000 visitors, with the number exceeding 200,000 in the first half of this year. When these projects are completed, the region will be ready to receive at least 500,000 tourists annually.”

Gungor pointed out that the area contains hot mineral water, which increases its attractiveness and the number of visitors, calling on everyone to visit the area at least once a year.


He explained that the lake is very deep, so it attracts dozens of scuba diving enthusiasts annually.

He pointed out that Yesilkoz Lake fascinates its visitors with the nature of its greenery, its air, the mountains and the surrounding plains and its cold waters.

Muharrem Dogan, a visitor to the lake, said that he came to the area with his family from the Turkish city of Kayseri (center).

He added, “It’s really a wonderful place, I liked it very much, a place like no other.”

While Nemat Balji, a visitor to the lake, pointed out that the area is of picturesque nature worth seeing and that she came with a group of friends to explore the area.


She concluded, “The lake is very deep and beautiful, with nice and cool blue waters, and I believe that the area will witness a great demand with the completion of a number of service and tourism projects.”