The launch of the final version of the Turkish ATMACA missile ship


Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank shared the final version of the target ship that was hit by ATMACA’s first national anti-ship missile during a test firing.

The ATMACA, the first national anti-ship missile developed by Roketsan, successfully hit its target as in previous fire tests, where the first shot targeted a TCG Kınalıada corvette ship.

As part of the test, firing was carried out from TCG Kınalıada to the decommissioned ship Işın.

As Industry and Technology Minister Varank shared photos of the target ship hit by ATMACA, Varank said in his message:

Wondering what happened to the target ship that hit the ATMACA Blue Homelands Steel Safe? Our national anti-ship missile is very powerful and effective!


High precision, powerful warhead

ATMACA, which has a significant ability to navigate from the surface of the water at an altitude of 5 meters, has sailed on many of its flights so far.

Also, shots of less than 3 meters were made, highlighting the ability to fly at such altitudes as an important element so that it would not be noticed by the target.

Working with a highly sensitive radar seeker, the Atmaca has a powerful warhead to destroy the target.

Over 20 shots have been made with the Atmaca so far, and continuous improvements have been made in testing since November 2016.

Initially, only tests of control algorithms were performed, this was followed by tests of ANS, GPS and navigation algorithms.

Then the radar seeker began adding to the loop, with the first shot of the TCG Kınalıada corvette fired in November 2019, then the longer-range test taking place in July 2020.


Special Logo for TCG Kınalıada

The all-weather ATMACA is countermeasure-resistant and includes target update, re-attack, and mission cancellation.

In addition, thanks to its advanced mission planning system (3D guidance), it can be effective against both stationary and moving targets.

Using the Global Positioning System (GPS), inertial measurement unit (AÖB), and barometric altimeter.

In addition to the radar altimeter subsystems, ATMACA uses an active radar seeker to find its target with high accuracy.

This missile will replace the Harpoon missiles

When the national anti-ship missile enters inventory, it will replace the US-origin Harpoons missile.

It is planned that ATMACA will meet domestic demand first, and then be exported to friendly and allied countries.

With a range of more than 220 km, ATMACA also poses a significant threat to targets beyond the line of sight.


ATMACA Behind its targeted update, re-attack, and mission null capabilities is Advanced and Modern Data Link.

And in the system that can offer the most efficient mission profile, the time spent on aiming, destroying the target, and target shooting are also available.