The highest in 10 years.. Istanbul receives 1.8 million tourists


Istanbul has achieved the largest number of foreign tourists on a monthly basis in the last decade, by hosting 1,873,97 tourists last July.

According to the data of the Directorate of Culture and Tourism in Istanbul, the historic city received 8 million 514 thousand and 806 foreign tourists during the first 7 months of last year 2022.

While the number of tourists in the city increased by 15 percent during the same period of the current year 2023, exceeding 9 million and 776 thousand tourists.

Istanbul also received one million 759 thousand and 506 foreign tourists in July last year, and in July 2023 their number reached one million 873 thousand and 97 tourists, recording a growth of 6 percent.


The Russians occupied the first place with 185,636 tourists who came to Istanbul last July, followed by the Germans with 135,568 tourists, then the Saudis third with 135,96 tourists.

In fourth place, the Americans came with 105,041 visitors, the Iranians came in fifth with 97,352 tourists, the French came in sixth with 69,263 tourists, and the British came in seventh with 69,066 tourists.

The Iraqis came eighth with 51 thousand and 257 tourists, the Kuwaitis ninth with 45 thousand and 854 visitors, the Israelis tenth with 45 thousand and 257 tourists, then the Dutch came in the eleventh place with 44 thousand and 273 tourists.

Istanbul also hosted nearly a third of the total 26,766,240 tourists who visited Turkey during the first 7 months of this year.