The fourth round of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations kicks off


A fourth round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine kicked off on Monday, in the context of discussing ways to reach a solution to the crisis between the two countries and the recent military escalation between them.


The negotiations began at half past eight GMT, and took place between the delegations of the two countries via video conference technology, unlike the previous rounds.

The first and second rounds were held in Belarus between two delegations from the two countries, and the third was a meeting between Russian Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov and Ukrainian Dmytro Kuleba in Turkey last Thursday.

One of the Ukrainian negotiators, Mikhailo Podolyak, said that the fourth round of talks between the two countries “will focus on reaching a ceasefire, the withdrawal of (Russian) forces and the security guarantees demanded by Kyiv.”


“The fourth round of negotiations on peace, ceasefire, immediate withdrawal of forces and security guarantees is a difficult debate,” he wrote on Twitter.

He added that he believed Russia “still lives under the illusion that 19 days of violence against peaceful (Ukrainian) cities is the right strategy.”