The European Union foreign ministers met in Luxembourg


EU foreign ministers have met with a broad agenda ahead of the EU Leaders Summit to be held from October 21-22.


The EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell made a statement to the press after the meeting of EU foreign ministers held in Luxembourg.

Borrell announced that he will hold a meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council at the beginning of next year that the European Union will open a representative office in Qatar.

Borrell stated that there is no tangible development regarding the Iranian nuclear talks so far, and said, “We are making great efforts to return to Vienna.”

EU High Representative: “Time is running out against Iran.”


Referring to the crisis in Ethiopia, Borrell said that after examining all reports of human rights violations, he would assign his teams to work on sanctions.

“We insist on the release of political prisoners and the holding of free and fair elections,” Borrell said of the situation in Nicaragua.

It will be a fake election (scheduled for November 7) by a dictatorship.”

The Ministers also discussed the Marash case at the request of the Greek Cypriot administration.


In response to a question from a Greek journalist, Borrell said that an “options document” would be prepared in response to “Turkey’s actions regarding Varosha”.

He noted that if the EU had to make a decision, it would be the first step to assessing potential options.