The discovery of the lost submarine wreckage in Indonesia


The wreck of the Indonesian submarine that disappeared, with a crew of 53 people, was found.

And the Indonesian army issued a statement saying, “The submarine has definitely sunk”.

Some debris was found as part of the search for the missing submarine.

While the Indonesian military has not released any statement regarding the condition of the crew, it has announced that the wreckage found indicates the accident.

The connection dropped on April 21

The 53-crew submarine KRI Nanggala-402 was cut off on April 21.

He announced that the submarine which disappeared 95 km north of Bali had begun its work in the scope of training activities.

Singapore and Malaysia also participated in the search for the Indonesian Navy.

An oil leak was detected near the submarine dive site, and this was stated to be an indication of a fuel tank damage or a possible crew assistance indication.