Istanbul Metro Line: The complete guide


Most of the tourists who come to Istanbul, always use the Istanbul Metro Line to move in between the city. as the Metro is the best public transportation method in terms of the effectiveness of transportation and costs in Turkey, and tourists can use it quite easily.

Here you can find all the details related to Istanbul Metro Line:

First of all you need to buy the Istanbul Card.

To start, you must purchase Istanbul metro tickets (one-time use), or an Istanbul card (rechargable) that can be used as much as you want in order to use the Istanbul metro.

You can buy Istanbul metro tickets, from ticket offices inside metro stations. ticket stations at airports and embassies, some real estate consulting offices, and some major stores in the city.

You can also find different types of Istanbul cards on their website.

The price of Istanbul Card according to the latest update for 2019 was as follows:

Metro Card Price (Single Use):
5 Turkish lira

Istanbul Card price:
5, 10 and 20 liras are the usual rates for charging Istanbul metro cards but they can also collect up to 50 liras.

Recharge the Istanbul Card:

You can charge your card at any time by visiting the yellow devices located in Istanbul metro stations, or inside the shopping centers in Istanbul.

It is worth noting that if you buy the Istanbul card. you can also use all other public transportation in the city and pay with the Istanbul card.

Istanbul Metro card advantages:

We suggest that you get Istanbul card at the beginning of your trip to Istanbul, because this type of card has many benefits as follows:

  • You can use the metro, trams, buses, ferries ……
  • It is possible to charge the card and save money.
  • Very easy to use.
  • One card can pay up to 5 passengers.

Istanbul Metro stations:

The Istanbul metro was first opened in 1989. and new stations and metro lines are still being added all around the city, so make sure that you can reach all parts of Istanbul using the Metro.

If you look at the map below. you will find that the yellow line is the best choice for tourists as it takes you from Ataturk Airport to the main major stations in Istanbul.

But if your plane lands at the new Istanbul airport. unfortunately, you cannot use the Istanbul metro to reach your destination because the metro station near this airport is not yet available.

Istanbul Metro stations guide:

During your trips between different areas of Istanbul. you may need to use all means of transportation in the city such as trams, taxis and metrobus….. In addition to the metro, Perhaps the most important stations that you will pass through are:

Ataturk Airport metro station: There you can find a taxi and metro.

Zeytinburnu Metro Station: At this metro station. you will have access to the E-5 highway (connecting the European and Asian sides) as well as the tram line.

Yenikapi Metro Station: You will arrive at Marmaray sea port.

Taksim Metro Station: You can reach Istiklal Street and Beyoglu District.

Kabatas Tram Station: You can reach the main touristic places of Istanbul.

Karakoy Istanbul Tram Station: From this station you can reach Karakoy Port.

Eminönü & Sirkeci Tram Station: One of the most important stations in Istanbul.

Sultanahmet Istanbul Tram Station: This station will take you to tourist attractions, such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and many of the city’s most amazing sights.

Uskudar and Kadikoy Subway Station: This station is located across the Bosphorus Strait in the Asian side of Istanbul.

A detailed explanation of Istanbul Metro Lines:

Istanbul metro lines are marked with the letter M. Each of these lines has a special color drawn on the map.

1 – M1 Metro Line

It is considered the first Istanbul Metro Line in the city and the most important as well. This subway line starts from YeniKapi Station, passing through Otogar Station, where it is divided into two parts. First line of this line continues to Bağcılar Square and the second line reaches Ataturk Airport Station.

The main stations of the M1 metro line
  • YeniKapi Station, the main station of Istanbul Metro line that goes all the way to the airport, and it is considered one of the most important stations in Istanbul metro line.
  • Aksaray Station, which is located within the famous Aksaray Square. You can also easily reach the T1 tram line for easy access to important sites in the city.
  • Topkapi station, and this station intersects with the T4 tram line.
  • One of the most important stations is the Zeytinburnu Station, as it has a crossroad with the T1 tram line and the metrobus line.
  • Bayrampaşa Station, located next to Axis Shopping Center.
  • Kocatepe Station is located next to Forum Istanbul Mall.

2- The M2 metro line

The second most important metro line in Istanbul, and the most popular road for tourists.

This line starts again from YeniKapi Central Station. which is one of the busiest metro stations in Istanbul, heading to Hacıosman Station at the end of the line.

Among tourists, this line is known as the “Taksim metro line”.

The main stations of the M2 Istanbul Metro line
  • The first, most popular, and busiest station on this line is Taksim Station.
  • The well-known şişli Mecidiyeköy Station, located near Istanbul Cevahir Mall which is the largest shopping center in the city.
  • Haliç Station, one of the most beautiful stations on the Golden Horn Bay Bridge. You can also walk from there to Eminonu Quay.
  • Osmanbey Station, which will take you to Nişantaşı Street.
  • Gayrettepe Station, located in the upscale Besiktas district, it’s also close to the metrobus line and Zorlu Center Shopping Mall.

3- Marmaray metro line

The Marmaray metro line is one of the most important metro lines globally. which is also one of the largest projects in Istanbul.

This line connects the European and Asian sides of the city. passing through the Bosphorus Strait, as it is the only metro line globally that runs between two different continents

The main stations of Marmaray metro line
  • This metro line runs from Gebze Station in the Asian section of Istanbul to Halkalı Station in the European section of the city.
  • Uskudar station, which is located on the Asian coast of the Bosphorus Strait and is the station near the famous girl tower in the strait, where you can reach the tower in a few minutes.
  • YeniKapi Station: As mentioned earlier, this station is one of the busiest and most important metro stations.
  • Florya Station: located near Florya Beach, Aqua Florya mall and Istanbul Aquarium.

4- M3 Metro Line

M3 Istanbul Metro line has the potentials to be one of the most important lines in the city. but yet it’s still under construction. and it will connect Kirazlı in the European part, to Metrokent in the north after crossing from five stations, not to forget that this line will reach the new Istanbul airport.

5- M4 Metro Line

The M4 line is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and covers the entire central region. It starts from the Kadıköy Wharf to the southwest of the region and continues. all the way to Tavşantepe in the southern part of the Asian side.

6 – M5 Istanbul Metro line

This line is still under construction.

7 – M6 Istanbul Metro line

The M6 ​​line is a short line north of the European section linking the Levent region to Boğazi University. This line currently contains 3 stations only.